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TFP is actively seeking investment funding for Film Packages, either as individual film productions, as 2-5 Film Slate Packages, or option purchase of screenplays.
TFP Film Pitch Deck presentations may include a synopsis, a director and/or writer's vision, proposed cast members, the production team bios, production info, budget info, and the distribution strategy.
Johhny Kidd Movie Poster
ISLANDS OF SAINTS Movie Poster Template.
hemlock inn.2.Movie Poster Template
the smugglers2 Movie Poster Template
it happened one christmas
Virtually Mine Movie Poster no actors
last gunfight.Movie Poster Template2
meadowlark calling
I WILL STAND Movie Poster no actors
HEAVEN IS HOME Movie Poster no actors
EAST OF YUMA Movie Poster no actors
Merry Christmas  Movie Poster no cast
DR Movie Poster Template.GRAHAM
Lucky Me poster.4.16.20
Film Reels

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