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Bloody Knuckles

2h 15min   |   Action   |  Writer, Thadd Turner

Open on a violent cheering crowd of onlookers, packed around the “Circle of Blood”, where a large Mexican, slams a smaller Asian against the hood of a sedan. Swinging at him repeatedly with massive fists, the Asian dodging the vicious blows, ducking left, he bashes the Mexican with angry fists of furry, connecting multiple shots to the body and face, now kicking like a caged tiger and delivering a knockout blow…the excited crowd screaming and shouting for more… 
Meet Lee.

Prison inmate, shirtless and chiseled, pumps out one arm push-ups on a bare concrete floor, his prison door slams shut.  Skin-head thugs enter his cell holding home-made shanks.  Inmate calmly rises, then quickly attacks, smashing skin-head #1 in the throat, grabbing skin-head #2 by the arm, hear bone cracking, thug screaming, inmate punches skin-head #1 in the throat, slamming him into the wall, shattering his kneecap, thugs screaming and collapsing on the floor… 
Meet John-Boy.

Harley pulls up in front of a local watering hole, the night-time street is busy and hot. Street fighter sits on back of the bike, older 40’s, former combat Marine, he proudly wears his Biker Club’s leather vest. Steps off his bike, swaggering toward a neon-lit bar entrance, cracking his massive knuckles, ready for trouble, others on the sidewalk cringe in fear and scramble from his sight…  

Meet Brutus. 

Old Man Granger is a legend in the city.  A boxing instructor, he owns a popular gym on the lower east ward helping troubled kids. Granger is Brutus’s father.  Local crime boss, Sam Masoni, wants Granger’s gym for a real estate redevelopment project.  Masoni and Brutus grew up together.  Masoni sends his goons to burn down the gym, and they accidently kill Granger.  Brutus’s girlfriend Vicky is also hurt.   Brutus explodes inside and vows revenge.

Recruiting John Boy, just released from prison, we learn Masoni killed his father over a turf war. Lee learns that his little sister Lisa has been taken by Masoni.  He joins the two others, the three have a common enemy.  They want Masoni, but the only way to get to him is through the violent gangs of Liberty City, every one of them having sworn allegiance to Masoni.  Cobras, Nuestra Beasts, Skulls, and Hillside Dragons.  One neighborhood and one gang banger at a time.  It’ll be brutal, they have just one night.  The toughest of the tough.  Three street fighters trying to save their beloved city.  Lee’s sister will be found.  John Boy will learn the truth about his father’s untimely death.  Brutus will defeat an old enemy and have his revenge for the death of the beloved Granger.  Honor, integrity and guts.  Liberty City will be reunited.

One night, One stand, One city.

Three street fighters battle the gangs of Liberty City to take down a violent drug dealer.

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