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East of Yuma

2h 15min   |   Western   |  Writer, Thadd Turner

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Lone horseman spurs his horse across the southwest desert in pursuit of two killers. Dust flying, scorching sun, bullets begin to whiz past, he kicks the horse harder and returns fire on the run, knocking down one bad man and stopping the other. Meet Yuma Marshal, Jesse Cranston (20’s), no-nonsense lawman with a score to settle. Back in Yuma we meet pretty Patty Jennings, the Mayor’s daughter; we learn the two plan to marry soon.

One hundred miles away in Gila Bend, we find Victor Bartell and his hired guns looking for Jackson Blake, Jesse’s uncle.  Jackson runs a large cattle ranch and recently has discovered a silver mine on the property. Victor Bartell holds a warranty deed on the ranch – and now he wants it back so he can take the silver mine. But, tough old Jackson has other plans. Bartell wants the mine at any price, including taking Jackson’s life to get it.

After confronting and shooting three bank robbers in Yuma, Jesse tells Patty he’ll take off his badge and start working for his Uncle Jackson on his ranch,  hoping they can settle down and have a family together. Jesse gives his marshal badge to Deputy Alvarez and goes to Gila Bend where he learns that his uncle has been murdered by Bartell’s men. Jesse seeks help from Sheriff O’Dell, who tells Jesse there are no witnesses to the murder. Jesse learns that Bartell’s number one gunman, Luke Holland, is responsible for his uncle’s death. Jesse and Holland have words on the street.

Holland and Bartell decide to rob the bank in Yuma, knowing that Jesse is no longer in town to protect the money. Bartell decides to double cross Holland, who kills two of Bartell’s assassins after the robbery. Holland also kills Deputy Alvarez, Jesse’s close friend, then learns that Patty is Jesse’s fiancé.


Jesse realizes he needs to get to Yuma, fast! Bartell and his gunmen surround Jesse and Sheriff O’Dell at the train depot in Gila Bend, there’s a big gunfight. Jesse arrives in Yuma at the train station and puts on his Marshall badge again. He finds Holland with Patty and they get into a gunfight on Main Street, shooting their way at each other through town to the livery stable.

As Jesse must save Patty and avenge the death of his Uncle Jackson -- and get the ranch and silver mine back!

Yuma City marshal tracks down the gunmen responsible for the murder of his uncle and

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