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What We Do

film production services

Over 15 years experience in Features, TV, Documentaries,

and Music Videos



pitch decks

Sales Presentations tailored for film.

Budgets fine-tuned for

story & location

script writing


Script coverage

Transform your idea, story or first draft into an industry-ready

crafted screenplay


Instructive support for producers, and companies for shoots within Louisiana or Mississippi

"Creating opportunities where both actors and crew
can productively turn story ideas into profitable films."

End-to End Production. 

We take care of all aspects of production from idea to delivery... from conception to post. 

We are dedicated to producing quality entertainment for today's marketplace and to collaborate with like-minded partners to bring great stories to the screen.


We have managed TV, Feature Film, Documentaries, and Music Videos- we know the ins and outs of film production. So from creating call sheets to staying on schedule, your project will be produced by our experienced team to make sure it is delivered on time and on budget.

Contact us and we'll lead the way!



 Take the Next Step.

You got your script, so now it is time to market your project. First thing you'll get asked is if there is a Pitch Deck, and then completing the package- the Budget.

The Pitch Deck should feel like the movie.

An effective Pitch Deck is a sales presentation for your film- it introduces your project in a visually exciting and emotionally powerful way. It captures the reader’s imagination, allowing them to see and feel the story and embrace the characters. You’re giving your reader a comprehensive understanding of the fantastic potential of your project.

The Budget sets the tone of the picture.

Knowing the cost of producing your film is critical to obtaining financing and distribution. Your budget will include all costs relating to the development, production, and post-production of your film, and, if a shooting location is pinned down, the budget will also detail what film tax incentives can be anticipated.  

Contact TFP for quote on our services.



It's all about the Story


Movies are a visual medium like no other art form. They transform us to other places and times, to moments in the lives of everyday people like ourselves, opening doors to meet heroes and champions, to engage with world leaders. They inspire us to be better, to succeed, they make us feel good or sad, give us hope, comfort, love, inspiration, and provide a resolution to the everyday struggles and triumphs in our lives. 

TFP founder and WGA writer, Thadd Turner, has written award winning scripts and adapted books for screen for several writers. He knows the guidelines and expectations of the film industry; coupled with great storytelling abilities... well this makes a GREAT script!

Contact TFP today to discuss original material, writing a script based on actual events, or adapt an existing work (such as a book, play, or film).

Let's Write a Script!



We Make it Happen.

Filmmaking is a time consuming and daunting expedition..

for inexperienced (and experienced!) filmmakers. 


TFP can create a custom production consultancy package to move your production forward. Services may range from development, film finance, navigating film tax credits,  attaching elements (director, screenwriter, actors), to film budgeting and scheduling, creating the film finance plan, and/or assisting with foreign sales and distribution.

 Contact TFP to advance your goals today!


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