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Lucky Me

2h 15min   |   Biopic   |  Writer, Thadd Turner

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ROAR of a corporate helicopter lifting into the air with country music star Moe Bandy, his new wife Tami, and older son Ronnie. Moe sees a small RODEO ARENA underneath with cowboys riding bulls, his mind drifts to….
San Antonio, Texas 1958. “Bandy’s Rodeo Arena” where teenager Moe (15) stands on the chute walk, and brother Mike (13), sits on top of a huge bull. The boy’s father Marion has been drinking and is betting with co-workers that Mike can ride the bull. Mike gets bucked off, mother Janelle runs out, yelling at Marion. That night Mike cries out as his father gives him a belt lashing for failing. Moe is helpless to stop him….

Moe, older now, plays with his band in a smoke-filled honky-tonk and sings an old Hank Williams tune; the crowd loves him, except Marion who thinks Moe should hang up his guitar and get a real job. Moe vows to be a country music singer. He cuts a song “I Just Started Hatin’ Cheatin’ Songs Today”, it starts playing on the radio, and Moe signs with record label GRC. The owner, Jerry T. takes advantage of Moe keeping him touring continuously, and swindling Moe’s money. His wife Margaret isn’t happy that Moe’s gone all the time. They have two young kids. Moe’s Grandpa dies. Moe makes amends with his father.
Moe has several songs on the music charts and is becoming popular. He meets Texas Long Horn's legendary head coach Darrell Royal and they begin a friendship that will ultimately save Moe’s life. At a big-name rodeo event, Moe and his band exit their tour bus and are greeted by little brother Mike, now a professional bull rider. Moe performs his new song, “Bandy the Rodeo Clown”; the crowd goes crazy for it!  
Moe has over 20 singles that have made the music charts. Mostly cheating, drinking, and fighting songs that his fans can relate to every day.  He’s named Most Promising Artist of The Year. He finally gets out of his contract with GRC and signs with Colombia Records. Moe’s hit song “It’s A Cheating Situation” is named song of the year. Moe teams up with Joe Stampley.
Moe and Joe are a huge novelty act. “Just Good ‘Ol Boys” and several songs go to the top of the charts. Moe has four #1 hits, he’s touring all the time and sold-out everywhere, but he’s miserable; his wife and kids barely know him anymore. He has lost his way with his own music and feels like he’s only ‘half an act’. Moe has lost his identity and is drinking a bottle of whiskey every night, not sleeping and not eating. He’s working himself to death. He gets hurt in a barroom fight.
Moe sits in a hotel room in Sanguin, Texas. He’s suicidal and there’s a gun lying on the nightstand next to the bed. Moe drinks from a bottle of whiskey. The alcohol emboldening him, he reaches across the nightstand for the gun… the corner of a white card sticks out. It’s Coach Royal’s phone number. Moe makes a call for help. Coach Royal rescues Moe and helps him get him sober.
Moe records another hit song “Till I’m Too Old To Die Young’.  He gets a call from newly elected President George H.W. Bush; he wants Moe to sing “Americana” at his Presidential Inauguration Day Party. Moe becomes close friends with George and Barbara Bush and spends time with them.

…. As now, the descent of the helicopter snaps Moe back to the present; he is at the Atlanta 500 Speedway standing in front of 100,000 excited fans! The crowd roars to life as he sings his hit songs! We see a bright glow on his face- inspired, excited, to be bringing great music into the world... as he says,  "Lucky Me!"

The amazing life story of iconic country music singer Moe Bandy and his record breaking climb toward stardom and fame over a twenty-year period.

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